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🌻🐋 Whale lover, Clandestine Harper, Nervous Knitter, occasional painter, Cape Codder.

🐋 Honored to be working with a whale research team at last. Let the music play.

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  1. Jane Goodall 90 years old today
  2. By: Rich McKay (Reuters) -The Biden administration on Thursday restored some protections under the Endangered Species Act rolled back under former President Donald Trump, giving the federal government more leeway to designate plants or animals as threatened or endangered. The 51-ye
  3. #NewEnglandGardening #gardenexperience Yeaaaaa! Finally, the first flowers.
  4. Holland covers hundreds of bus stops with plants as gift to honeybees
  5. Yale historian Timothy Snyder:
  6. I'd rather have a President with 81 years of experience behind him than 91 felony charges ahead of him. #BidenHarris2024
  7. #fiberarts #handmade #knitting Got the grandson’s ski sweater finished just in time for Spring. 😆
  8. From Rachel Bitecofer….
  10. #justsayin
  11. #education #positivenews
  12. #nature #garden #seasons And here is the very last American Cranberry bush, berry of the year. There is a hungry bird watching.
  13. #Gardens #flowers #NewEnglandGardening Here’s my Last Rose of Summer blooming in December in New England. She’s just lovely. Thank you Joseph’s Coat.

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