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Awaiting LIES to be BAD again!


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  1. Why?
  2. Vote for Biden or we all lose.
  3. I laughed when I thought about Putin reading this chyron. 😂
  4. if this Traitor was in prison where he is supposed to be, this wouldn't have happened.
  5. Trump talks about immigrants who supposedly are criminals and supposedly some of these immigrants were released from jails in their countries BUT Trump pardoned his boys, some convicted criminals, and promises to release hundreds more of Jan6 convicted criminals, if elected Presi
  6. A video of the actual “hummina hummina hummina…” event… SMH
  7. This makes me sick to my stomach…
  8. if this Traitor was in prison where he is supposed to be, this wouldn't have happened.
  9. "BREAKING: @CampaignLegal has filed a new complaint with the FEC against Ted Cruz—after reports showed he funneled podcast payments from @iHeartMedia to his super PAC. Read the full complaint:"
  10. ALL women MUST stand together and FIGHT for our RIGHTS. There are more of us, our numbers could DOMINATE this election. Every policy difference MUST be put aside and instead FIGHT and VOTE for our LIVES ... Literally and Figularly!
  11. Wake-up MAGA America! At some point even some of you must see that not all of these courts could possible be "part of the Biden deep state" TFG must be stopped!
  12. This is a free, must read article by Tom Nichols and expires in 13 days!
  13. Serious Question!

    With all the talk and plans to make sure TFG doesn't win 2024: What are the plans for the American majority if he does win??? I'm only 55, my daughter just turned 18, my husband passed in 2015 and I'm terrified for the future as I feel completely alone as I'm sure many others fee
  14. Murdered in Russia

    These kinds of things WILL happen in America if TFG and Project 25 are allowed in The White House. I cannot believe that some in our govt are so in love with and blinded by the EVIL that PUTIN is. Shameful, disgraceful and disgusting!
  15. If the corrupt SCOTUS SIX grant a delay you can start the clock on beginning a civil war. Cuz if there isn’t a J6 trial between now and November there is no, and never will be, accountability.
  16. #giftarticle Shouldn't have crimed. === "“Conducting a months-long criminal trial of President Trump at the height of election season will radically disrupt President Trump’s ability to campaign against President Biden—which appears to be the whole point of the Special Counsel’s pe
  17. Warning to the world: if you visit bring a bullet proof vest.
  18. Once again ...
  19. Remember that time putin hired a company to inhumanely poison stray dogs and cats in the streets to clean up Sochi before the 2014 winter Olympics? I sure as fuck haven't. They suffered and lay dying in the streets for hours, terrified and alone. That's the guy trump loves so muc
  20. I am so sick of former members of Trump's administration, making the book tour rounds, discussing how dangerous, inept, dishonest, flawed, etc. etc. he was. Why didn't you open your fucking mouths when it would have mattered, instead of saving it for your books, released years to

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