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Liz Logan


Writer, editor, Democrat.

Twitter refugee.

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  1. Welcome to all of our new users! I put together this Post Getting Started guide to help you navigate the product, see current functionality, learn about known bugs, and find out what upcoming features
  2. I like it here.
  3. People search, she is working now!

    THANK YOU, POST people who fixed this. I assume employees are not findable/followable because you don't have time to make new friends. I get it.
  4. Post.News on Facebook?

    Since becoming one of the lucky 157,000, I am evangelizing for Post. Is it on Facebook? Can't find it there. Thanking anyone who replies in advance. Help always appreciated.
  5. Blocking

    Can anyone tell me how to block people? Maybe that's not possible yet? Everyone here seems nice, I just like to speed up my feed and remove people whose interests are never going to intersect with mine
  6. So excited to be here (by happy accident)! Can anyone tell me how to find accounts? Search is not working for me; is there a work-around? This means that I can't follow even my pals unless I happen to c
  7. We ordered a new bed for our son once and we paid extra to make sure that the people bringing the bed would take it to the second floor of the house. The paperwork read: The supplier will bring the be
  8. I love this.
  9. Can anyone tell me how to add a self-description or motto or whatever underneath my name? Thanking you in advance.
  10. First-Post Jitters

    I have no pet pictures, but I have been thinking of fostering a cat. When our last dog died, I swore that I could not ever go through another pet death. Also felt that we could not afford getting held

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