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Disabled former journalist. MECFS.

# photography !

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  1. Lists like these ❤️
  2. This discussion, wisely and warmly lead by Martha, was tremendously thought-provoking. I encourage everyone to check out her workshops and discussions.
  3. My comment is that I love this and it you missed it the first time round you should see it now
  4. #Artists and #craftspeople found audiences though such threads on Twitter. I hope #Post can become a similar space. Meantime, thanks to John Scalzi for giving people a way to buy from artists.
  5. No idea what to call myself anymore but a journalist recently called me a "dream coach" (no fault of theirs at all, I didn't give them a title) and I'm pretty sure that isn't it.
  6. #Disability #Immunocompromised #Grief #Community Essential reading
  7. #DisabilityTwitter changed my life. Many people are grieving the loss of that community, but also wary of investing their limited energy in trying out alternative spaces. I’m hoping, with time, more o
  8. For me, "civility" is a bit of a challenging word, because so many have profoundly different subjective perceptions of what is or isn't civil. Politeness can be stunningly cruel. Confrontation can be
  9. Any other denizens of Disability Twitter here yet?

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