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Trying more or less successfully to combine interests in digital and textile arts, gardening, nature, history, snark, politics. Sometimes I just give up and pet the cat, who wonders why I bother to begin with as it all cuts into available cat petting time. Also exploring Mastodon at and hanging out at and snooping around Substack. So much to learn!

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  1. Broken record of hypocrisy
  2. This organization has been suggested as a trustworthy recipient of donations to the people of Turkey who are suffering from the recent earthquakes. They are highly rated on Charity Navigator. Another organization to consider is World Central Kitchen, though they have not yet anno
  3. #mushrooms that are past their prime are still quite interesting. I go for walks every time the rain lets up for a few minutes or a few hours. #photography #PhotoMonday #PostPhotos
  4. Updated list of news organizations & institutes active on Post & separate list of outlets here but not active yet. #PostMedia National (US) BNO News - @bnonews (breaking news) Bolts - @boltsmag (local p
  5. Something "gross" to think about

    I stopped by that other place to find another Taibbi Twitter expose thread. I skimmed through his post to see who commented on it as I thought that would be more useful than the post itself. I don't h
  6. Point Reyes hike, Jan 1. Lots of well-behaved but inspiring water here. Blog link to more photos below. Hmmm, I guess I could also try to blog it here, but it may take too long if I have to move the
  7. The Archives of the Planet: Explore 72,000 Photos Taken a Century Ago to Document Human Cultures Around the World via @openculture
  8. there's so much more opportunity to appreciate the good things in life here, like art and poetry....
  9. Rain, day 3

    It hasn't actually stopped either misting or raining since yesterday morning. I say Bring it ON (within reason, mind you, no mudslides or house flooding pls). This is the hood of a neighbor's well-pol
  10. Indeed it is. It proves that cheats work their way into the most obscure of places but I think one should not mess with a bunch of historians, who are quite skilled in research due to the nature of th
  11. "There's a lot of evidence that ethnic hatred is a social phenomena, that it doesn't correspond to the beliefs of the person expressing it. In densely connected networks with a few true believers, oth
  12. perhaps you just need a different kind of specialist....
  13. Observing the world

    When your "owners" won't let you out because of cars, coyotes and cat-eating dogs (ask the lower down cat, who is missing a back leg, about this one). Inside has its perks: endless food supply, warm h
  14. I'm sure we couldn't survive another 4 years of such mis-rule....
  15. Day 2 of solid rain, this time collecting on the flower bud sprays of a Pieris shrub on my walkway. This time of year the shrub rewards us with heads full of water drops because I refuse to prune it u
  16. I have been wondering about these things and assuming some, a few, disappeared because there was no there there.....but it's really good to have such a list; if it has been concluded by impartial inve
  17. Speaking as someone who is allergic to this dreaded seed, all I can say is YAYYYY! Not that I didn't already know to stay away from tahini and such.... #allergies
  18. Amazing indeed. My internal monologue had never managed to propose such a thought to me! Actually, I know when I'm stressed or stuck on something because my internal voice starts to repeat the same i
  19. Colored Glass Bottles

    They are lined up along a frosted glass window and make a different image depending on time of day, angle or existence of sun, time of year. When I don't know what to do with myself I just take anothe

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