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Gen X, flyover state land lover, lover of history, politics, social info.

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  1. GOP v. Dem
  2. awesome pic of Madam Speaker
  3. Happy Last Monday of the Year!!!!
  4. For some, the next two days are excruciating. For those in crisis, 24-hour help is available by texting the Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline at 988 or calling 800-273-8255.
  5. I get this stuck in my head every holiday season. Enjoy!
  6. Waiting for a winter storm to hit is like having an extra Sunday in the week. Time to catch up on ALL the shocking news from this the #WaysAndMeansReport of Trump's taxes for yourself. #WT
  7. Looking for interesting accounts to follow. on other sites my handle is the same or @lizhump77
  8. Don't think that the GOP will be able to cover and dig the hole away from the sinkhole that is #TFG
  9. night and day!
  10. The holidays seem to come faster every new year. I am missing that pure spirit and wonder of a child waiting all night for Santa.

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