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Buffalonian and Education Idealist

I hate everybody...not you though.

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  1. US Military Spending

    The US Military budget keeps ballooning, with little push back on either side...I guess it's the third rail to suggest that our military spending is out of control. Here's an excellent analysis by Judd
  2. hoping for a better 2023
  3. At the Buffalo Botanical Gardens. #photography #Buffalo
  4. I know what you're thinking: we need a two minute Broadway musical wrap up of everything that's happened on Post in 2022. Good news - it's here! I hope you enjoy this little holiday gift from me to al
  5. #Futility #Buffalo
  6. Saw this in my feed and couldn't agree more!
  7. #BirdPhotography
  8. #wheresmarkhamill
  9. Where my #Buffalonians at? #Buffalo
  10. Hi Posters, several of you have noticed a degradation in the service. We are having an incident which we hope to resolve soon. Thank you for your patience Noam
  11. 💯
  12. Seasonal Tom and Jerry in #Buffalo (Rohalls for any locals)
  13. From a weekend wedding in Denver...good omen.
  14. Perfect cup from a fantastic brunch at @Vuola in #Rochester NY
  15. Post tip
  16. A pop of color on a gray November morning... #Flowers #Buffalo
  17. Pete the Cat says goodnight...

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