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  1. The pillow guy is leading the way. What an array of talent there is for the RNC chair. #NOT #Doomed
  2. Today is the 486th January!!! (Or so it seems)! #Longest #Month #January #SpringIsComing
  3. Each time that I think George Santos can sink no lower - he does and the revelations become even more sickening! #Deranged #Deluded #Dangerous
  4. And in other news….. 😐🫣
  5. Is January over yet? #Longest #Month #Ever 😀
  6. A 2023 Political Aspiration

    Why does politics need to be so divisive, personal and frictional? People vote folks in to do a job for them but rarely get what they bargained for! Why? Because once elected some politicians call a “
  7. Actual picture of me tomorrow morning - back to work after 3 weeks holiday! #January #blues #2023
  8. Is it true that #Bolsonaro has left Brazil and is now living in Florida? What a perfect location for former dictators!! #WTF
  9. Losing somebody really important makes New Years Eve very tough! 2022 was challenging in lots of ways - but here’s hoping that 2023 brings love, laughter and health to you all! #FuckCancer #LegendsNeverDie
  10. The news that I did not expect to hear today was that Pele’s mother is still alive!! 😳😳 She turned 100 last month!! Good for her, no doubt a remarkable woman like her son was!! #legends #Pele
  11. Looking forward to a time when you can host a poll on #post ! Will be a great addition to the platform.
  12. As we know that the cogs of justice turn slowly, and it does not always feel like #justice prevails but today is a tiny step in the right direction. #J6C #Tax #Trump #Tate Here’s hoping that justice a
  13. Rest in Peace, Pelé! #legend #goat
  14. Disgusting to see the news from #Ukraine today. Christmas and New Year’s should be a time for relaxation and family. Instead, the people of Ukraine are being bombarded by missiles from Russia! Stay st
  15. Netflix Watch!

    Any suggestions for something to watch on #netflix ? Just finishing ‘Somewhere Between’ and already planning next one! Ps anyone who hasn’t seen Somewhere Between - it’s well worth a watch! 5/5 👍
  16. Einstein Quote

    I just came across the below quotation and is really has some weight in these contemporary times: "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anythin
  17. Post > Twitter

    My favourite thing about Post. is that people don’t always agree, but there’s a respectful discussion and not a nasty personal attack! Long may that last! #Post #MyNewHome
  18. Santa has a huge problem for next Christmas!! 😀🤣
  19. A Christmas Thought!

    I’ve decided that I’ll never buy a Tesla as long as #Musk benefits in any way! There are many options now for electric car drivers! But I wonder how many others are like me and will this have any effe
  20. I love in a seaside town, the tide comes in and out twice daily. Every time the tide comes in, the guys and gals in my profile picture always turn up! How cool are they - Always on a surfboard! The be

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