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Television Producer

10 Emmy award winning producer. Started Jerry Bruckheimer Television in 1997 bringing to TV such hits as the CSI Franchise, The Amazing Race, Without A Trace, Cold Case, Lucifer and CBS breakout Fire Country . After 25 years and 2000 episodes of television produced stepped down in June of 2020 to form LittmaMedia and television production company focused on script TV series across all platforms while remaining a full time EP on CSI and RACE.

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  1. This…. And we let them get away with it as opposed to hounding them day and night to bounce this guy out of congress.
  2. Double oof
  3. Donald Trump hawking trading cards online is literally the most pathetic post presidency move ever. It is the definition of loser. Oof.
  4. Exactly. Wish Elon would spend some time back at Tesla which now has such bad service in the repair shop we just canceled the order for a new Model Y and are now looking at other EV’s.
  5. The economy is adding jobs, gas is at a low since ‘20, people spent like drunken sailors over the holiday yet advertisers are pulling back as if the economy is about to collapse. What am I missing her
  6. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?
  7. So sad to hear this news. 🎶Remember her name🎶
  8. Count me as one.
  9. 🤔
  10. Could not be happier to be a part of this new and exciting venture. Let sanity prevail. Thoughtful dialogue take place and cheer the future

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