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  1. 😖 wah! 😭

    The shrimpy SCOTUS-buyer and Project 25 author follows standard GOP-procedure and cries witch hunt. Now, let’s all watch his pal, Merrick Garland, go poof 💨
  2. American taxpayers fund coup planning trips for organizers and planners.
  3. 👋 Good luck.
  4. Please, support NPR at
  5. ⛽️ Wake up, America.

    Blame the thieves responsible: price-gouging, tax-dodging, monopoly-building corporate pirates. And the Saudis, who keep gas prices artificially high for this very reason.
  6. Lifelong Russian asset announces what’s appropriate for a United States president 😆 🤣
  7. The Republican vs Democratic debate in a nutshell 👇 👇 👇
  8. It’s not the $$$$

    Republicans claim to raise millions for Trump’s campaign. What they don’t mention is, they get that money from a few dozen donors. Democrats, meanwhile, receive millions upon millions of small donations from average citizens and still outperform the GOPolitburo.
  9. ➗ The great divide ➗

    What’s astonishing about the eclipse is that we have people who are so curious and so smart, they can determine when and how and where they will occur. As well as others who believe an eclipse is a woke conspiracy or an omen. Ai-yi-yi .
  10. ⏱️ Time! The GOP sets a new world record for stoopid: Seven ( 7!!! ) years to state the obvious.
  11. The clarity we need is in the FOX chyron 👇
  12. 💭 a thought

    If Trump is reinstalled in the WH, immigration will not be an issue. The exodus, however, will be so consequential, it will be the death knell to hope for any future.
  13. Q : How do we restore the American dream? A : Bury Trump in guilty verdicts and blue votes. LET’S KEEP FREEDOM AND OPPORTUNITY ALIVE!!!
  14. Dear Billionaire Trump Supporters: Look, there go your campaign donations. Wave bye-bye, suckers 👋

    The GOPolitburo has no plan for governing. They don’t even have a plan for getting elected. What they have is a few dozen billionaires with more money than all of us combined. They’re hugely, deeply unpopular and know it. So they rely on terrorism to keep us all quiet. And it’s w
  16. 👇 This is an example of why Trump tried to shut down Voice of America. We’re lucky he’s such a reliable failure. 👇
  17. What if …

    Trump isn’t the one to be feared? The thing is, the relentless GOP assault on America shows all the signs of a broad, well-organized, fully coordinated effort. That isn’t Trump. He specializes in tantrums and failure. And while we’re distracted by the noisy sideshow, the real fasci
  18. 🤞 C’mon, let’s spoil Deadbeat Don’s weekend 🤞
  19. But he needs his bond reduced? What a broken system.
  20. ✏️ Who’s the ghostwriter? 👻

    Aileen Cannon isn’t the one writing these filings. She’s just not smart enough; it’s way out of her league. So who is? My money’s on the arrogant and deeply psycho Steven Miller.

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