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Librarian, artist (linoprint and watercolours), science fiction fan, filker and filk con runner, lover of bright colours and Lego, in need of more sleep.

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  1. This year I am taking an evening course in pottery and it’s been slow going because pottery is a multi-stage process, from making the pot to the clay drying enough to go for its first firing and then
  2. Unusually for this part of the UK it is snowing and has dropped a good 2-3 inches on us already in the course of a couple of hours. We see snow sufficiently infrequently for it to delight me every tim
  3. Aha! Found where the ‘post a photo’ option was hiding on my phone. I belong to an art prompt group on Instagram call the Fun Friday Art Club. This week’s prompt was ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, with a s
  4. Boring first post

    So here we are with what’s almost certainly a common first post “Here I am on Post and I’m not sure what to say 😂”. I was going to post my most recent bit of art but it looks like they don’t host ph

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