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Cleanup on aisle 45

Clean up Citizens United mess, gun reform mess, bodily autonomy mess, voting rights mess, climate change mess. Let’s not leave a complete mess for Gen Z.

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  1. The criminal classified document case against Trump is not being brought by Jack Smith. It is being brought by you and I. It's the People's case. When Judge Cannon delays this case, she is delaying our case.
  2. Welcome @audacityofgoats !
  3. #G7 nations issue declaration of long-term security and economic support for #Ukraine *Military: "Ensure sustainable force capable of defending Ukraine & deterring #Russia aggression" *Economic: Stability, resilience, and prosperity *Financial: Support for reform & governance
  4. Republicans are still vilifying early voting and vote by mail. Forget the GOP's press releases. Look at the bills the are passing and the lawsuits they are filing.
  5. Making the move from Twitter
  6. yo, I wrote a thing: "holy shit, the leopards are eating Lindsey Graham's face," and I for one could not be more entertained. thanks for reading, and please do sign onto my email list to keep getting the good stuff —
  7. Throttling left wing voices
  8. If you care about free and fair elections, stay informed about democracy and the courts.
  9. I think it's adorable that Britain's big scandal right now is that their former PM threw a party. my dudes, our guy kept nuclear war plans in the shitter. top that
  10. It was obvious

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