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Lisa Shymko is Chair of the Peterson Literary Fund. She holds an M.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto. Her articles and opinion pieces on global security issues have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The American Spectator, Maclean’s magazine, and Ukraine’s daily newspaper, The Day. She has managed several international development projects including the Ukraine-Canada Journalists Exchange Program for the International Renaissance Foundation of the Soros Foundations Network, and she was the founding Director of the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Resource Centre at the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine in Kyiv. In recognition of her outstanding contribution to promoting NATO and a strong, democratic, independent Ukraine, Lisa Shymko is the recipient of several awards from the governments of Canada and Ukraine.

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  1. First they launch genocide against #Ukraine & now they target diplomats. Police in the #EU and local security services can easily trace these packages to Russian operatives. The expulsion of #Russia f

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