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Writer/educator/consultant on timeshare issues. Passionate about asking why, positive disruption, marketing and rock and roll.

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  1. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like/use absolutes. However, in this case let me be perfectly clear: No one who is legitimate will EVER cold call you and tell you they want to buy your #timeshare.
  2. Important information about the plethora of self proclaimed timeshare exit companies.
  3. Should be interesting when tomorrow’s announcement comes out. I’ve always thought that the timeshare industry does not have to lose for consumers to win or vice versa. Collaboration is important and I
  4. Delighted to work with ARDA, the trade association representing the timeshare industry, on this important release. Don’t be scammed by a self respecting exit company. Knowledge is power.
  5. Here’s my latest blog post.
  6. Well, I made it to Post. 🤗

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