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  1. Straight out of the plot of ‘Ministry for the Future’ —
  2. I was just saying the same thing! It’s entertaining and I like the 70s Kodachrome look as well
  3. As someone who went to Hohokam elementary in Scottsdale way back when, this article resonates
  4. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that captures the 90s internet startup experience so well- highly recommend
  5. Inspired view and a moment of respite from our work team retreat in Al Ain
  6. Made it to Abu Dhabi- strange to see Zurich without any snow in January. I didn’t think I could fly 24 hours without being tempted to have a glass of wine but I did it & it really makes a difference
  7. See y’all next year ✨
  8. almost 2023
  9. Mal-adaption

    I live in a beach town not far from the one written about here. The Army Corps of Engineers built dunes & a seawall after Hurricane Sandy for $billions, but 5 years & a few Nor'Easters later, we're b
  10. Brrrrr
  11. What should I bake?

    Our holiday plans are boiling down with some travel and covid issues in the family. If I bake it, we will eat it, whether we are 2 or 20. So I'm reconsidering options...
  12. Little doggy on the beach with a Christmas tree made of some sea drift #dogsofpost
  13. If you are so inclined, please sign this petition to preserve the "Holmdel Horn" —>
  14. I grew up in Arizona & Texas, and got the worst sunburn of my life on lake powell around age 9, when the water there seemed limitless. This is really scary. #climate
  15. I am glad to be spending the holidays at home this year, for those in the airports:
  16. what a great read from Molly Ringwald:
  17. Malaria needs urgent action to get back on track 📈

    Experts say we can end malaria for good within a generation, but this is achievable only if we act decisively. The new #WorldMalariaReport highlights that we're at a precarious juncture - failure to a

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