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  1. By @marcelias As another acrimonious U.S. Supreme Court term ended, Chief Justice John Roberts wanted the last word. In the penultimate paragraph of the last announced decision — in which a conservative 6-3 majority struck down President Joe Biden’s loa
  2. Is a social media site still a social media site if the owner of the site doesn’t want anybody looking at anybody’s posts? #ElonFails
  3. No one is above the law, even those who can't spell the word "indicted."
  4. Jimmy Carter is a reminder that real moral leadership--not just in words, but deeds--can create a better world. The continuing appeal of cruelty and sociopathy for many voters will only hasten the downward spiral.
  5. I am Tired, but I can not rest. I must day after day, sift through my thoughts and emotions, trying to find a new way to reach you, something to make the truth click inside you. I must continue to try and make you understand, even if I don't understand how you can live in such a s
  6. The House GOP Has created a pro-Jan 6 attack committee: One of the biggest takeaways from the Kevin McCarthy's new initiatives is to create a new special committee that will LITERALLY be used to defen
  7. Two years ago today we lost USCP Officer Brian Sicknick. Four other officers - USCP Officer Howie Liebengood and MPD Officers Jeffrey Smith, Kyle DeFreytag, and Gunther Hashida - died by suicide after
  8. Today, for the first time in American history, a major political party will have no white men in its top leadership positions in the House. Leader: Hakeem Jeffries (NY-8) Whip: Katherine Clark (MA-5) Cha
  9. During WW1, a self-taught Ukrainian Yurii Kondratyuk calculated the trajectory and method to get to the Moon and back. Almost 50 years later NASA used his work to fly around the Moon and also to land
  10. Janus, the two-headed Roman god of transitions. January was named after him. One head looks back for lessons, one forward to the future.
  11. It is not just the Crows who Remember that you put food out for them in the Winter when the land was covered in snow their food hard to find buried under thick coatings of blue-light frozen water It is not
  12. What the rightwing response to Andrew Tate has proven beyond any doubt is they don't actually care about "grooming" and never did. It's an accusation masking an admission. In their worldview, women of
  13. One of the many reasons I enjoy NPR as a news source is this story of love and determination.
  14. “The world was made new in 1776. The world can be made new every day and in every year. 2022 has ended, and America has endured. 2023 has nearly arrived. Let it be better.”
  15. There are many big stories from 2022 but key one to me is how WE saved our democracy. (yet threat continues.) Keep in mind WE not only had to beat the GOP, WE also had to defeat the corporate media cr
  16. Truly one of the all time great journalists and trailblazers. What an amazing person and career. RIP Barbara Walters . #news #journalism
  17. #RIP #BarbaraWalters #womeninjournalism #trailblazer #News #PostNews
  18. Imagine how Republicans would react if they found out that Joe Biden had a Chinese bank account while he was president of the United States of America. You know how we know he doesn’t? Because he willi
  19. “My mission was just to keep going out and grabbing as many people as I can and to just keep going ... I just kept walking, and I walked until I cried and I couldn’t walk any further. I was just beat.

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