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  1. Someone asked ChapGPt to come up with 10 Commandments for the modern world. I could be guided by these principles. Perhaps a new religion is in order?
  2. Mere minutes after an angry Clay Higgins went on an unhinged rant against ex-Twitter officials, threatening them with arrest, James Comer brazenly denied any such thing had happened. Watch:
  3. #mindset
  4. credit where it is due — Jake Tapper did a great job grilling Republican Rep. Mike Johnson on CNN today. Watch their full exchange about the IRS defunding bill and Johnson’s dishonest spin about it he
  5. They took the metal detectors out of Congress. What could possibly go wrong? This is terrifying.
  6. She didn’t deserve to be shot (on purpose) by a six year old. But sure Republicans, keep instilling those toxic family values. #Gunviolence
  7. Every American is now seeing firsthand what so many have been warning about for so long: The Republican Party is a dangerous MAGA extremist cult that is willing to take down the rest of the country to
  8. "Reinforce, Believe, Persist, Defy, Create, Immerse, Focus, Challenge, Act, Inspire!" - Futurist Jim Carroll Happy New Year! Keeping up with a tradition that began back in 2006 - starting each year with
  9. Starting today, insulin is capped at $35/month for Medicare recipients because Democrats passed the Inflation Reduction Act with the help of zero Republicans.
  10. Oh, he’s that Andrew Tate. I just read the other story about him.
  11. The adults are supposed to protect the children. Sad.
  12. With nearly everything Santos has said about his background having been exposed as a lie, it would be ironic if the only constitutionally airtight basis on which the House could refuse to seat him on
  13. Like Pokémon “Gotta catch ’em all ”
  14. Man who played a key role in the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer sentenced to 19.5 years in prison.
  15. You would think that journalists, of all people, would understand the risks inherent to their own profession under authoritarian regimes. How is it then, that repeatedly throughout 2022 we have seen j
  16. "Biden has been one of the most successful under-the-radar presidents in US history. His accomplishments domestically have been greater than that of any president since the 1960s." Enjoyed getting scho
  17. A governor in the “evangelical Christian” party trafficked children thousands of miles away and dumped them on the side of the road without notice in below-freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve. Beca

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