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  1. Brazilian authorities are reopening the criminal case against George Santos, who committed fraud in Brazil. Santos is now the target of local, state, national, and international law enforcement. Geor
  2. This is still con artist George Santos’ profile header. Reminder that the NY Post reported that Santos’ fraud was a “running joke” in GOP circles. Elise Stefanik is just as big of a fraud as he is.
  3. The House just passed a bill requiring the IRS to conduct annual audits of a president’s tax return after it was found the IRS failed to do so for 2 years under Trump. Every Democrat voted for it. Ho
  4. Holy cow, what a fantastic photo...
  5. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
  6. What makes this non-denial from the congressman with the (allegedly) phony resume so perfect is that it includes a phony Winston Churchill quote at the end! It was Victor Hugo who actually said someth
  7. Know him by the company he keeps.
  8. January 6 committee referring four House members to the Ethics Committee for failing to comply with Congressional subpoenas: 1. Kevin McCarthy 2. Jim Jordan 3. Scott Perry 4. Rep Andy Biggs
  9. Raskin bringing it home with specific charges being referred to DOJ.
  10. Let the referrals fly!!!!!!
  11. Things are getting even more farcical on Twitter. New rule prohibits you from mentioning the existence of Post and other competitors.
  12. Feel good moment!

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