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  1. For now it's a fun tool, but real Google blood will be spilled in the next iterations when these AI platforms are connected to real time data.
  2. Waiting for the rain in Israel #winter #weather
  3. #riding #nature
  4. The winter skipped Israel this year #climatechange
  5. This is parody, right? Right??
  6. Politicians and other public figures have always made false claims and didn't live up to them, but Elon Musk has perfected it to a rare bullshit artform
  7. Post feels nostalgic... like the web of old. let's keep it this way.
  8. That thing that Thor does where he holds up his hand and the hammer comes flying to him? I want that for my phone.
  9. Who am I on Post?

    I wonder how my persona will evolve here on Post, being such a new platform with growth potential. On Twitter I became passive over time, mostly consuming and not creating. I wonder if Post will be di

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