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Writer, history lover, caffeine addict. Currently dedicating my life to churning out low-cost, lowbrow content. Blue always and forever.

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  1. And I was supposed to revise my mystery for Camp Nano but this mafia romance with the MFC having a similar background to Ruby Allen from EastEnders has taken on a life of its own. 😂
  2. Pinterest board for A Young Lady’s Guide to Mediumship and Murder #amwriting #amwritingmurdermystery #amwritinghistoricalmystery
  3. I’m working on book 1 of The Whiskey Princess tonight & then am going to plot A Young Lady’s Guide to Mediumship & Murder with #Wordmakers tomorrow. I am super excited about AYLGTM&M bc it’s part of a
  4. Book 1 of the Irish mafia romance series is plotted. I’m going to plot book 1 of the Lily St. George series next. And I’m going to revise Arsenic & Aristocrats & finish Brutal Hearts this year. I’m go
  5. So her husband is taking the fall for her now?! This thing just gets more bizarre as more info comes out.
  6. 1610 words and calling it a night:
  7. I haven’t made my Q1 goals yet.
  8. No idea if I’m putting this on Kindle Vella or Wattpad just yet, but I’m going to start drafting the first book in the Lily St. George series, A Young Lady’s Guide to Mediumship and Murder, after the
  9. Episode 7 of #BrutalHearts is up on #KindleVella. #mafiaromance #linottewritesromance

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