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  1. Is it just me, or do Rep. Pete Aguilar and Jack Smith look like brothers?
  2. holy fucking shit, Al Franken posed for a stupid photo and was forced to resign. Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking and he's allowed to hang around and fuck things up for his own pa
  3. On the anniversary of the tragic mass murder at Sandy Hook, we should all remember a few things. 1. America has a horrible gun problem. 2. America has a horrible health care problem. 3. Alex Jones should
  4. I just went through a large company's job application process. This company is desperately trying to fill sub-$20/hr jobs. Here was my experience: It took 12 clicks before I reached an actual job appl
  5. Sure can. Welcome!
  6. Good morning Mike Pence.
  7. Just saw the math on this… if Cochise isn’t certified and included in the totals, AZ-6 flips to a Democratic victory by a 13K margin… The 45,000 voters in that county should not be disenfranchised, b

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