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High school specialty center director. Mom to two very adorable monsters. Leadership, DEI, and politics nerd. NY🛬RVA

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  1. Love this article about some great things happening in #rva - I can even forgive the blunder of name checking a restaurant that has recently closed. Great to see some amazing and talented folks get th
  2. Delighted this is making national news if for no reason than to highlight the absolutely egregious comparison to LITERAL SEGREGATION that the Family Foundation made in their obnoxious fundraising emai
  3. Every day, real leaders wake up knowing they must continue to learn and grow. They know it’s important to remain humble while realizing how much they DON’T know.
  4. Never not devastated by Fredrick Backman.
  5. Oh good, the “this site sucks” people have arrived. Welcome, I guess. I suggest googling “beta test” before you proceed with your next complaint.
  6. Today I watched my husband and our 2.5-year-old daughter dance in my parents’ living room while our 5-year-old giggled wildly over the puzzle he was working on with my sister, and man, I don’t know if
  7. Found this super helpful.
  8. Oh, so we’re doing dog posts? Cool. Here’s mine. She’s the best one.
  9. Listening to the latest Pivot podcast and delighted to hear the interview with Noam Bardin! Such a great primer on the goals and intentions of the business model. I’m even more excited about this plac
  10. Hello, Post!

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