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  1. Maybe his new lawyers finally got it through tfg’s thick fucking skull and addled brain that he needs to shut the fuck up! Especially now knowing the Magistrate made it clear he is not to break any laws and is not to try to intimidate any jurors. I have to wonder if his ridiculou
  2. Senseless Police Violence

    My father was a New York City Police Officer from April 3, 1968 until July 4, 1988.His 2nd day at the police academy, Martin Luther King,Jr. was assassinated.My Dad was given his badge &gun &sent out on patrol with a senior officer to help keep NYC residents safe during this time
  3. The Debt Ceiling

    So the Republican House is ready to let the US default on its debt obligations? And if that happens, payments to Social Security, Medicare and Veterans will not be made, along with many other obligati
  4. Kyrsten Sinema & her supposed ‘power’

    Am I the only one who thinks Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) only changed her party registration to “Independent” because she thinks it will enable her to continue to wield some power over the Democrats an
  5. Why can’t we all be “You Do You”?

    I am a “You Do You” kinda lady. I don’t think it’s my place to judge anyone. It’s certainly not my place to judge how someone chooses to live their life. I am a good person. I choose kindness and cons
  6. They never will. Cowards.

    After the “Access Hollywood” tape, his many many lies, exaggerations and bragging and 4 years in office which yielded him 2 losses of the popular vote, the loss of the House, the Senate and the WH, in
  7. Gladly Reposting

    I’ve no followers, and am not expecting any, as I am not a ‘known’ person. But I am happily reposting this because you have something to say which is relevant and intelligent. You are also brave. Like
  8. Why do t**** supporters believe him?

    I’ve read all 3 books by Bob Woodward, Mary Trump’s 1st book and have just started “The Divider”, by Peter Baker & Susan Glasser. I’m fairly sure no t**** supporters have read these, or any book, crit

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