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Linda Jack


Cat servant, dog owner. True blue.

Florida (don't judge)

Unconventional seeker of knowledge and believer in kindness. LGBT Christian, wife, musician, flyfisher, veterinarian, newbie marine biologist, environmentalist, gamer, jogger, Air Force brat, studying Swahili (why NOT?). Former Democratic candidate for Florida State House, still chasing positive change politically, professionally and personally.

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  1. Today we lost our 23-year old Siamese cat, Monk. He had a lovely breakfast and was cuddled on my wife’s lap purring like every other morning, and out of the blue had what looked like a seizure and he was gone in seconds. Took the express trip over the 🌈 bridge. So grateful he d
  2. GO, ADAM!
  3. Happy Valentine’s Day from two of our lovebugs, Hamilton Romeo and Smokey Biscuit Man. #CatsofPost
  4. Sometimes our back yard is just stunning. Wish we didn’t live in Florida but am grateful for moments of wonder like this. Thanks, God.
  5. Because a little dog smile is always welcome, this is our guy Murphy saying hello to you all. He doesn’t look 10 years old yet (but he is). Always happy to meet new friends!
  6. Secrets of the Romans

    Hey! Researchers can use this amazing info to make our concrete more durable (it can heal itself!) and reduce greenhouse emissions in the process! Took us centuries to learn the Roman secrets.
  7. I tested positive nearly 2 weeks ago in spite of taking every precaution (have since upgraded to a better mask but have never gone anywhere without it). I’m now wearing a mask because every time you g
  8. This is the result of policies that have allowed unmitigated spread of preventable infectious diseases. Our healthcare can't keep operating in crisis mode. We all pay the cost. #COVID #COVID19 #HealthCare
  9. It's that time of year again to think about #WomensRights.
  10. Very well said!
  11. 🌊Calling all Blue Friends🌊 Join us for #BlueConnections Follow Party. Connect with us daily by simply liking this post, reposting and following everyone who hit the like button! It's easy to find new
  12. Pumpkin pie and Lindoor chocolates.
  13. How did Ukraine do this? Spec ops 400 miles inside Russia? Stealth weapon? Drones? Impressive.
  14. Feeling overwhelmed by the stack of charities in my mailbox every day begging for help. A good reminder that we do the best we can, and every little ray of light we share will grow in ways we can’t im
  15. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, Joyeux Noël and Krismasi njema to all. I would add a photo but Post won’t let me right now. Still beta! Better every day!
  16. Not a troll was found trolling, not even a roast. A lot of the posts had a tentative feel As if we weren’t sure that this new place was real. Some of the veterans who’d been here for weeks Were offering p
  17. Why am I still wearing a mask here in FL when no one around me is? Because if I get Covid I want to know I did everything possible to avoid it and wasn’t just being careless and irresponsible. I choos

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