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Professionally, I work in environmental and regulatory compliance, reverse logistics, and data science. Prior experience in social work. Studied Economics and Environmental Studies in school, with additional coursework in Biology, Environmental Science, Environmental Law, Policy, Sociology, and Anthropology. I’m liberal politically and a strong believer in ethics. As I’m having a number of accounts follow me that haven’t posted - before I follow back I like to get an idea of what accounts are posting, so don’t take it personally if I don’t. Absolutely feel free to ask for a follow back in the future once you have a post history. Donations are appreciated - they will strictly go to other users who produce good content and towards articles.

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  1. Scotus:
  2. A common tactic of fascist organization is to take names that denote freedom while the whole time they believe in anything but freedom at least freedom for anybody that isn't like them. It's not a new tactic. Whenever you see a group that has a name with the words freedom, libert
  3. Really it’s not even as if the 6,000 limit for paid subscribers would increase the usability of the site much - so it’s not even worth the $8 for those otherwise willing to pay, of which many, like myself, are not.
  4. Twitter has a ridiculous new rule on how much I can read. So here I am!!
  5. I asked an AI to create some images of robots making it rain, and got some decent results.
  6. Twitter just announced they’ll be suspending accounts that link to or otherwise mention their handles/usernames here, Mastodon, and several other platforms. Just a heads up to folks like me who had th
  7. Given the crap happening on that other site, we really need Post to work out.
  9. The article they are referencing: What Russia planned was nothing short of a cultural genocide, and it makes the systematic rape, murder, and kidnapping of Ukrainian citizens more than just war crimes,
  10. Why Biden's Ukraine policy is a win and must continue to be funded. “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War Unfortunately, Ukraine is
  11. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear a case involving the fringe Independent State Legislature theory.
  12. #AlexJones filed for moral bankruptcy years and years ago.
  13. No better way to end the day than watching my Forever President dragging Herschel Walker all the way back to Texas. C'mon, #Georgia - bring it home for #SenatorWarnock !
  14. I drew another one. Share it with your Twitter hold-outs. The bird finds a nice home. (Inspired by KC Green’s Gunshow Webcomic) #PostIsNice #ThisIsFine #PostArt
  15. Yesterday I was invited to present my work at a master’s seminar in the Communications Department of a university close to home. I was talking about disinformation, social media platforms, and increas
  16. "Before Elon Musk bought Twitter, slurs against Black Americans showed up on the social media service an average of 1,282 times a day. After the billionaire became Twitter’s owner, they jumped to 3,87
  17. The leading figure of the GOP, the only GOP candidate for president thus far, and the overwhelming favorite to be the GOP nominee, dined with a white nationalist. Imagine if Bush, as a candidate, had
  18. “In Ohio, the midterm elections were carried out under Republican-drawn maps that the state Supreme Court had deemed an illegal gerrymander — although Democrats actually managed to gain a seat anyway.
  19. If you deactivate, your handle will become available in 30 days or so. Ripe for imposters and scammers. An ex-twitter employee on mastodon suggests this: - Deactivate. - Login and reactivate. - Immediat

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