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  1. The turtle is back and didn’t lose any of his evil desire to thwart democracy during his recovery, I see.
  2. And they’ll keep spreading lies knowing they can continue to buy their way out if it.
  3. America: Where money will buy you the opportunity to lie and deceive without any real consequences. Fox won’t change a thing.
  4. America: Where “no one is above the law” means about as much as the word “imminent.”
  5. Dear women and young people: Please save us from fascist Republicans in 2024!!! #Vote4Democracy
  6. Maybe someone could let WaPo know that people aren’t noticing because the media, including WaPo, constantly reports on Republican talking points, not facts.
  7. Trump is a GD Liar! Why does media keep reporting his lies…
  8. It’s time for Senator Feinstein to step down so Newsom can immediately appoint someone to replace her. The stakes are too high.
  9. I’ve been thinking about the upcoming increase in LGBTQ+ suicide and homicides due to the hatred being spewed by the fascist Republican “Christians.” I’m realizing that is exactly what they want. 😢
  10. Right wing Judges and Republican state legislatures are taking on the role of medical doctors and psychologists to promote their Christian values. Where is the AMA? The APA? Why are they silent?
  11. She is a VILE human being
  12. Hmmm. I see Vanity Fair did a big profile of fascist Candace Owens. Stop normalizing these right wing trolls.
  13. Fascism is here, folks!
  14. Where is the DOJ?

    Just heard Idaho passed a law to prevent anyone from leaving the state to get an abortion. Then I read Kansas legislature just passed law to allow children’s genitals to be examined to check their gender before participating in sports. Then, I saw someone in Florida whose child
  15. Repugs crying that it’s prosecutorial overreach to indict Trump for his financial crimes are the same Repugs wanting to prosecute women for making their own health choices; LGBTQ people for loving the person of their choice; drag queens for reading children’s books to children.
  16. Odds that Marjorie Trailer Grift tries to steal spotlight from Trump by getting herself arrested tomorrow? Those Repugs love to be the victim.
  17. Apparently, only Trumps “political enemies” should be locked up. Let’s all remind Trump and the GOP of this…
  18. #Boycott60Minutes
  19. Yahoo for orange one’s indictment. He and his Republicans now have 4 days to whip up their mob, which they’ve already begun doing.
  20. You have the right to practice your religion BUT you don’t have the right to force me to live by your religious practice.

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