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Fool for orchids and ice cream


Hmm…? I’ve been known to grow all sorts of plants, be a cannabis educator, use wormbins, have a good bit of useless info and other things

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  1. Paphiopedilum Duguesclin (sukhakulii x mohrianum) Grown on a light stand in my basement. Many orchids really aren’t that hard to grow, they just have specific requirements that must be fulfilled. And p
  2. Dendrobium Peng Seng (tobaense x cruentum) I’m terrible with Dendrobium orchids, but it was in bloom when I bought it
  3. Paphiopedilum Payakka Kodkod (Paph thaianum x concolor) Asiatic lady’s slipper orchid
  4. Restrepia are such funky little orchids

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