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We're a website and app for private/home library cataloging.

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  1. New Feature: Turn OFF patron hold email notifications.

    This new feature allows Pro account owners to turn OFF patron hold email notifications. Be sure to check out the updated support document to learn more about this feature:
  2. We have removed all X (Twitter) links from Libib. That includes individual published library links. We announced this decision a year ago and had immediately disabled X account linking for new users. This has now been extended to all accounts.
  3. Libib System Update

    We will be making a scheduled system update to Libib this Saturday, Dec 16th. We don't expect any downtime, but there may be some latency for up to an hour.
  4. If you're part of an organization or school district that needs multi-account management, we have a new offering for you: LIBIB DISTRICT! Already in use by numerous school districts across the US.
  5. Hello world!

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