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I am a wife, mother, grandma, dog/cat mom, liberal political junkie. I worked in the County Superintendent of Schools office until I retired in 2009. I quilt, garden and spend too much time online.

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  1. Christian nationalism gave us the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Native American genocide, slavery, the Holocaust, & the MAGA cult. This scourge, rooted in racism, regression, superstition, & bigotry has plagued our planet for far too long. We must evolve beyond this vile hate.
  2. Donald Trump did not build the NYC skyline. Unions did.
  3. - 6 bankruptcies - millions in unpaid legal fees - thousands and thousands of small businesses and other vendors he's refused to pay over decades This is deadbeat behavior. So Donald Trump is literally the VERY LAST person in the world to tell anyone else to pay their bills.
  4. I would also like to know
  5. Funny how the same people loudly calling for Alec Baldwin’s criminal conviction over a tragic accident have hailed Kyle Rittenhouse as a hero after his cold-blooded murders.
  6. FACT: Cyrus Vance (NY DA at the time) began issuing subpoenas in the hush money payment case in August of 2019. FACT: Fani Willis launched her investigation into Trump in 2021. FACT: The United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack opened their investigation in July
  7. Facts: January 6th was not a regular tourist visit, it was not legitimate political discourse, it wasn’t peaceful or patriotic, it wasn’t perpetrated by the deep state, the FBI or antifa, and Ashli Babbitt is not a martyr. It was a violent & deadly domestic terror attack fueled by
  8. Dictators don’t debate their opponents. Dictators don’t campaign around the country or outside of friendly audiences. Dictators don’t respect the courts that uphold the rule of law against their favor or interests. Dictators don’t respect free media that questions them.
  9. The people who are choosing Putin and Orban over Zelensky Are the same types of people who chose Hitler and Mussolini over Churchill
  10. MAGAs still want to talk rigged elections? Okay let's talk about it. You gerrymandered the red states. You suppressed the vote. You closed polling places. You removed drop boxes. You vilified mail-in voting. You fucked with the Postal Service. And you know what? You still lost.
  11. Perfection.
  12. By Dan Rather If you’ve been near a TV news program or newspaper in recent days, you might know that former Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney is on a book tour. If you’ve been anywhere on Earth this year, you probably know that music superstar Taylor Swift is on a concert tour. 
  13. I understand that many people are outraged and upset about the war in Gaza. And I agree Israel needs to do a much better job at defeating Hamas without killing civilians. This war is horrific. Like most people, I'm disturbed at the destruction of this conflict. I want it to end w
  14. The expression of antisemitism in supposed support of a just cause, directly or implied, is never about that just cause. It is always motivated by hatred toward the Jewish community. History has consistently demonstrated this. Do not fall for that hateful nonsense.
  15. Bill Clinton banned assault weapons in 1994; mass shootings dropped by 43%. George W. Bush and the GOP let the assault weapons ban expire in 2004; mass shootings increased by 245%. These numbers tell the whole story.
  16. Great work.
  17. Russia invaded Ukraine. First, 3 territories in 2014. Then, larger invasion in 2022. When that failed, Putin attacked civilian targets. Russia bombed hospitals, kindergartens, orphanages, theaters, apartments. And kidnapped 3 million Ukrainians - including 744,000 children.
  18. I’m a Boomer and I agree with the Millennials

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