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Emma Torp


Just a girl with autism trying to figure out the world.

My interests include art, photography and animals. Ally to all persons with disabilities. Anti Racist, Ally to LTGBTQ persons.

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  1. Love the series “See”with Jason Momoa highly recommend it.
  2. A random building taken from a bench at the mall many months ago.
  3. I have a little house in my house
  4. Rehearsal of the doge nap

    I swear sometimes I find my dog rehearsal sleeping for nap time. These are the little short naps she takes before the 3 hour nap she takes in my mom’s bed.
  5. No words just this photo of my dog
  6. My dog was cold so I covered her in a blanket.
  7. Part two of the car photography post
  8. Photography of cars

    One thing about me I take pictures of retro and vintage cars. I have been doing this for years. Whenever I am out about I always keep my eyes open.
  9. Couldn’t agree more.
  10. “Woke M’Ms”

    Tucker Carlson: If you don’t like woke M’Ms then you shouldn’t eat them. Buy your Kanye West sneakers and get out of here and get to leavin. P.S. I call them inclusive M’Ms. More for me. Less to you.
  11. These are my posters on my wall
  12. Listening to “Like A Rainbow” by The Rolling Stones and it is just pure untouchable bliss. I never tire of it.
  13. Finished organizing and decluttering my bookshelf.
  14. National Treausre
  15. Kevin McCarthy vs Hakim Jeffries

    Jesus all the republicans on CNNs feed right now right now look like middle schoolers who are giving a report on government systems. It’s so overly rehearsed. See Scott Perry’s nomination speech.
  16. What my dog thinks of bananas.
  17. Even my dog thing Jim Jordan is a fool.
  18. Shameless plug I love sunsets and this is one of the photos I took out my car window heading up to the cabin. Quite Proud of it.

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