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Artist and writer. Long time public servant for the throwaway of our society and very proud of it. Mom called me Tottiebelle and to dad I was Punkindoodle. Geez I miss them.

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  1. My girls.
  2. Sleepless in Riverside.

    What do you do when you can’t sleep? I flop around for 20 minutes & then roll out of bed. Go downstairs & light candles, read or listen to SiriusXM on my tv, go outside & breathe fresh air, do a chore
  3. New Year art snack. Colored pencil portraits.
  4. Tamales Anyone

    My parents’ Christmas tradition was to buy two dozen handmade local tamales from little madre y padre tiendas. My dad loved them so much. I follow in his footsteps and today I will be eating tamales y
  5. Dear Santa

    I know this is late but I have one very important wish this Christmas. Please give all those alone, cold, in pain, homeless, ravaged by unjust war, heartbroken, grieving, sick, dying just 1 person who
  6. A Technicolor Life

    A bright spot in a somewhat dreary time in my life. They came! They are 100x more beautiful in person. I used to call my art page on FB “Color Your World” as I am known for using lots of vibrant colo
  7. Good to know.
  8. I’m trying to be apolitical as we approach the holiday but I believe it’s time we do something about the corrupt, cynical, religious fanatics who are no longer interpreting the law but making their ow
  9. After watching President Zelensky last night I’m thinking about his people, without power, suffering, losing everything, dying because they are standing for freedom and democracy and peace. And then I
  10. My Search Begins

    It’s time for me to once again fill my home with unconditional love. It’s been devoid of that for far too long. So my trusted friends, dog or cat? I am leaning toward dog. Humans can learn a lot from
  11. Well I bought myself a Christmas gift. What do you think?
  12. Hey Look!

    The most partisan party of all is whining about a non partisan investigation into an actual event plotted, financed, incited and participated in against the US Constitution and Capitol by the most par
  13. Where are you watching the J6 Committee hearing?
  14. Not sure chance or intention but missed the day 12/11 my mom passed due to a traumatic brain injury from a fall. She had Alzheimer’s & got up @ nite confused I had to make the decision to place her in
  15. Saturday (Caturday) art snack. A commission for a lady in Connecticut painted from a photo.
  16. Couch & Netflix

    Yesterday I was in a physical meltdown.Couch & Netflix the cure. So Harry&Meghan, Wednesday, Pinocchio, The Hunt for Red October (for the umpteenth time,) John Q (still so relevant today) NCIS (Tony’s
  17. Ye olde St Nick. Watercolor
  18. Anyone experiencing unable to follow problems? I click the follow button and it goes to follow from following in a split second.
  19. Most artists have a certain style and frequently a signature subject. Mine is detailed fantasy/illustrative paintings of young women. Here are a several samples.
  20. Great information. There’s a link that takes you to those you follow on the bird app that also have Post accounts. Very helpful.

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