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  1. The Lemonadist #2 has dropped. Zooplankton, acid rain, and salt pollution. Geek out!
  2. What does Kurt Vonnegut have to do with salt pollution and our freshwater future?
  3. I've been moving towards this project for a few years now. I'm so very happy to drop my first real piece. I look forward to the coming work, and to any feedback!
  4. Introducing The Lemonadist

    I've been working on a new project for quite some time. It's dropping very soon. Consider this an amuse bouche. Feedback on everything is appreciated, but since the main content is still to come, layout is most important right now.
  5. Oil or Great Lakes?

    Remember the 2021 pipeline protests? More than 900 arrests, lots of news coverage. So I was surprised to be the only reporter watching the October trial in Madison, Wisconsin between the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa v Enbridge. They're back in court tomorrow because s
  6. All those times you've railed against the dying of the journalistic lights? Consider a donation to help one investigative journalist fight back in court.
  7. SDGs FTW 🌎

    For Earth Week I’m posting a story I completely forgot to promote last year, about the Sustainable Development Goals and the hard-working Colombian diplomat Paula Caballero, who planted the seed and nurtured it through years of U.N. meetings. #SDGs

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