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  1. Conservatives want ideology (theirs) to be prioritized over reason and evidence. DeSantis sees his opportunity to pander his way up.
  2. Remember that anyone who says the GOP supports the military is either very confused or a fucking liar.
  3. They should be stripped of any rank and any military benefits. #January6th
  4. Data tell the tale regarding WHO has been driving the national debt higher.
  5. Did I miss the House Republicans’ Solving Inflation Week?
  6. I think 2023 will be the year of multiple Trump indictments—and that will be a happy new year, indeed.
  7. NEW: Nevada Supreme Court issues unanimous opinion DENYING Republican National Committee's effort to politicize review of signatures on mail-in ballots. Cements victory for DSCC, DCCC and Nevada voter
  8. Will the POST app run on Firefox? I'm on Mac and it wants me to launch it from Safari - which I don't use.
  9. These things take time The wheels of justice turn slow We don't know what is happening because garland doesn't talk They're working from the bottom up The special counsel is appointed, now things will hap
  10. Hello POST! Goodbye Twitter!

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