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Data nerd working in the justice space. Delighted by dad jokes and dad bods. Burgeoning vinyl collector. Weakness for cats and ice cream.

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  1. Here in Minneapolis, after having one of the snowiest winters on record we're apparently breaking heat records today. OUR PLANET IS FINE AND SUPER HEALTHY.
  2. Haven't posted in a while, but my incredible colleague posted about some of the great work my team is involved with and wanted to share! Apprenticeships Offer Non-traditional Opportunities for Success
  3. Insurrectionists still insurrectioning, and now in his purely selfish bid for power McCarthy has granted them complete control of one-half of the legislative body of the United States government. Trul
  4. It will never not be weird to me that every single problem the #GQP espouses in their nominating speeches are things they fight tooth and nail to make worse
  5. Who would have thought that holding nobody accountable for the insurrection 2 years ago (and any of the other many ethically and/or legally dubious happenings from the last 6+ years) would result in n
  6. By this time on Jan. 4th, 2021, the Democratic-led House had already introduced: For the People Act FedRAMP Authorization Act Inspector General Protection Act Settlement Agreement Information Database
  7. #Democrats allowing adjournment so soon is yet another example of them being pushovers and continuing to fool themselves into thinking the other side of the aisle is some kind of legitimate political
  8. Listening to #GQP speeches on the floor, they sound truly unhinged and living in some weird upside down world. If they genuinely believe the things they're saying, they have zero grasp of United State
  9. With the same size majority as the GOP has right now, Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan, upgraded our infrastructure, reformed our gun laws for the first time in 30 years, funded veteran healt
  10. The #DemocraticParty built their coalition around protecting American democracy and advancing legislation forward while the #RepublicanParty built their coalition around obstruction and embracing whit
  11. Weird how the Domestic Terrorist Party (R) manages to continue being the most losingest losers even while in power
  12. A lot of my drive to and from home this week brought to you by the Comedy Bang! Bang! Best Of episodes #Birdman
  13. Fat&Happy

    Last night I got to eat Jet's Pizza and Better Made BBQ chips and it's just so lovely being fat and happy at home with family. I feel so lucky to have such incredibly loving and supportive parents who
  14. Our yearly tradition is always a family outing to the #DetroitZoo for the Wild Lights exhibit on the day after Christmas
  15. The loudest most vocal members of the GQP are regularly and consistently the most vile and despicable of people and I can't help but think they might even just once accidentally do something kinda sor
  16. So many of these cheesy Christmas movies aggressively demand you root for someone to leave their committed relationship for some hot piece of arse they spent a lovely weekend with. That's kind of effe
  17. It turns out this is not the year I learn how to wrap presents, either. Why am I so bad at this? I'm pretty sure hippos have more dexterity than I do.
  18. Yay for talented creatives on the Post! Somewhat related...any fellow #SleepyBabies find their way here yet?
  19. Our foundation Orange Ribbons for Jaime started a new initiative called PAWS OF LOVE providing dogs for emotional support to families affected by gun violence. With that, meet Goldie who is the first
  20. Instead of addressing inflation (which they VOWED to do ahead of midterms), Republicans in the last week have: —Announced $99 digital trading cards —Proposed a bill to jail Americans for posting any “se

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