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  1. One of the lesser commented portion of this opinion is the court reaffirming that private parties can bring lawsuits under Sec. 2. There has been a recent effort by conservative lawyers to argue otherwise. Good to see the 5th Cir. reject those arguments.
  2. I am seeing an outpouring of support today for the work of Democracy Docket. If you want to help keep it free for all, you can donate here.
  3. These are students and faculty in Florida yesterday walking out in protest against fascist Ron DeSantis’ hateful attacks on LGBTQ students, banking of books and ending diversity programs. Amazing. 💙👊
  4. My team is litigating 45 voting/election cases in 18 states. Alabama Arizona Arkansas Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Iowa Kansas Louisiana Montana New Hampshire New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Texas Wisconsin Watching for new cases in Florida Texas
  5. A lot happened last week and you can quickly get caught up with my Sunday recap here, before we are on to the next:
  6. 🚨 Trump’s civil rape and defamation trial in the E. Jean Carroll case begins this week 🚨 Key Trump lackey Boris Epshteyn spends two days with the Special Counsel 🚨 Fani Willis uncovers bombshell new evidence Hear about it all on Legal AF!
  7. An automatic recount has been triggered between Lauren Boebert and Adam Frisch in Colorado. Pray, toss cabbage, spin around, click your heels together and wish upon a star that Adam wins!
  8. I can no longer find where I saw this advice on Post, but apparently if you type post[.]news/topic/keyword into your browser but replace “keyword” with whatever word you would like to search all Post
  9. Quick question: what the fuck?
  10. Railroad workers deserve sick days. #rail #unionstrong
  11. Notice most of the states with the most gun deaths per 100K are states controlled by the GOP. Most striking is none of the states with the lowest number of gun deaths per 100K are Republican. NRA land

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