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Dog behavior. Greyhounds. Politics. Comedy. History

Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. So far-community organizer, lobbyist, US Senate staffer, EMS chief, and author (Running with the Big Dogs and Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies). Last 26 years dog behavior consultant. Currently working primarily with leash reactive dogs. Mom. Grandmother. Kinda bitchy.

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  1. Pinocchio is a puppet who became a real little boy. Vivek Ramaswamy is a real little boy who became a puppet.
  2. Puye was one of the ancestral villages of Santa Clara, San Ildefonso and Ohkay Owingeh Pueblos, occupied from about 900 AD to 1580 AD. The site was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966. There are extensive ruins at the base of the cliffs and on top of the mesa, with outs
  3. Hermit Peak is named for Giovanni Maria de Agostini, an Italian mystic who lived as a recluse in a cave on the mountain. Locals referred to him as “El Solitario” (the hermit). The peak is approximately 19 miles from Las Vegas. #postplaces #postphotos #NewMexico #LasVegasNM #histor
  4. "This machine kills fascists." Woodie Guthrie
  5. Actually, I prefer ........ FROZEN DEHYDRATED WATER (it stays fresh, for a lot longer😂)
  6. What the hell. On Twitter. There are tornado warnings in the area. Funnel cloud observed. Supercell. Tried to check NWS State College on Twitter for latest. Tweets are limited???
  7. The healthcare workers are seen trekking through waist-deep snow, wearing minimal winter gear, while holding refrigerated bags containing the vaccine.
  8. My happy place 🌸 #Gardening #Plants #Nature #Landscape
  9. Long sunset tonight🧡
  10. Some things I would've needed to hear today, but no one said it. I'll say them for you . You are not responsible for what happened to you. It's okay to never "get over it". Cry as long as you need to. You
  11. The Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument is a swath of more than 240,000 acres of protected public land in northern New Mexico. Much of the monument's land abuts fifty miles of the Rio Grande. There
  12. "on Monday, you passed a bill designed to allow the wealthy, the well-off, and the well-connected to cheat on their taxes, to subsidize the lifestyles of the rich and shameless benefit millionaires an
  13. The weather wasn't particularly cooperative in 2022 (50 Anniversary). The balloons were grounded several mornings. They got blasted with a storm one night and had to recruit the indoor stadiums, conve
  14. A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." - Richard Bach Richard Bach explains that writing is a craft that takes time, practice, and dedication. This quote serves as a reminder that success
  15. From this Washington Post article , we learn that in December, the DOJ issued subpoenas to Trump campaign officials seeking information about basically everything: Communications or information about Do
  16. Absolutely amazing what we can accomplish if we actually try (and don’t just deny deny deny).
  17. Two Northern #NewMexico destinations on list of 50 best places to travel in 2023: Chaco Canyon & Taos #travel #roadtrip #vacation #weekendgetaway
  18. Photographer 📷 Mary, aka @momfrantz_fx on Instagram - "The Blue Swallow, #Tucumcari , #NewMexico ." #roadtrip #neon #Route66 #BelAir #classiccars #travel #vintage #Route66

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