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Ontario Canada

Started basic bedside nursing, HCA/PSW at 18, finished a 2 year course in Multi-disciplinary Gerontology just in time to start farming with my husband as an equal partner. Have been Living, loving and working together for 33 years now.

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  1. Hello?
  2. M Stands For Apple. (Money, Bet you Thought I meant A)

    The maker of your Iphone, Apple is helping the #genocidalDictatorship in China control and potentially arresting protesters. Think about that when supporting this company. Chinese activists stage hung
  3. Leaderless Canada

    Justin Trudeau is a terrible Prime Minister. Pierre Poilievre will be an equally a terrible Prime Minister. Jagmeet Singh not even a consideration. The Greens are a joke. We need leadership and curren
  4. Good morning.

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