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Leaf Storm Press is an independently-owned book publisher based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was co-founded in 2014 by Andy Dudzik, former publisher of the award-winning weekly Santa Fe Reporter. Leaf Storm Press is dedicated to publishing compelling works with unique literary, artistic, social or cultural significance. Our titles are available everywhere books are sold, but we encourage you to shop at your local indie bookstores,, or Website: Bookstore: Mastodon: Twitter:

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  1. Useful tips to start the new year!
  2. A major crisis for democracy The very places where local news is disappearing are often the same places that wield disproportionate political power.
  3. Settling in for some light bedtime reading:
  4. Need a great last-minute gift?

    Our best-selling Maverick Cookbook: Iconic Recipes & Tales from New Mexico is now available as an ebook , so you can get it delivered instantly! This beautiful volume chronicles the fascinating histor
  5. The Age of Social Media— is it ending?

    “The possible downfall of Facebook and Twitter (and others) is an opportunity—not to shift to some equivalent platform, but to embrace their ruination, something previously unthinkable.” This thoughtfu
  6. Conversation with Merve Emre

    In this episode, Xavier Bonilla has a dialogue with Merve Emre about literary criticism and how to engage with literature. They discuss what literary criticism is and why it is important. They talk ab
  7. Poignant illustration on the cover of the latest issue of the Polish newsmagazine Wprost.
  8. Can’t argue with this.
  9. Murder by delete key?

    A newspaper vanished from the internet. Did someone pay to kill it? The Hook, a beloved Charlottesville weekly, closed a decade ago but its archives lived on — until its 22,000 stories were suddenly ta
  10. Fantastic cover design by David Pearson The Penguin edition of Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
  11. Yum
  12. Worth Reading: Paris Review essay by Sally Rooney on James Joyce’s Ulysses
  13. ❤️
  14. By Lucy Craymer WELLINGTON (Reuters) - The New Zealand government said it will introduce a law that will require big online digital companies such as Alphabet Inc's Google and Meta Platforms Inc to pay
  15. World Cup 2022 Knockout Stage Odds In case you’re curious.
  16. He said, "Sir..."

    A guy came up to us, he was a big, powerful guy, with tears in his eyes, and said, “Sir, I want to thank you for publishing this this book. Without it, I would have kept my bitcoin at FTX and lost it
  17. Respect for the baguette!

    Lovers of France’s iconic, long bread loaf: Rejoice! The baguette has now earned special recognition by the United Nations as an integral part of humanity’s cultural heritage.
  18. Hello, excited to be on Post News! Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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