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Retired Coast Guard Command Master Chief

Retired Coast Guard Command Master Chief, second career in technology including 12 years at Apple (senior systems engineer, and senior manager of technical training for Apple's Global Training organization).

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  1. "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children" ~ Bobby Sands
  2. Today in History - 1949: The Republic of Ireland withdrew from the British Commonwealth. #TodayInHistory
  3. "Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games." ~ Babe Ruth
  4. Today in History - 1929: Baseball player Babe Ruth married Claire Hodgson, a former member of the Ziegfeld Follies. #TodayInHistory
  5. "Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy." ~ Isaac Newton
  6. Today in History - 1705: England's Queen Anne knighted Isaac Newton. #TodayInHistory
  7. "Harness mules and oxen, but give a horse a chance to run." ~ Wild Bill Hickok
  8. Today in History - 1871: 'Wild Bill’ Hickok became the marshal of Abilene, Kansas. #TodayInHistory
  9. "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." ~ Abraham Lincoln
  10. Today in History - 1865: President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in Ford’s Theater by John Wilkes Booth. #TodayInHistory
  11. "Nearly a century of discord between North and South finally exploded in April 1861 with the bombardment of Fort Sumter." ~ Fergus M. Bordewich
  12. Today in History - 1861: After 34 hours of bombardment, Union-held Fort Sumter surrendered to Confederates. #TodayInHistory
  13. "I don't want to embarrass any other catcher by comparing him to Johnny Bench." ~ Sparky Anderson
  14. Today in History - 1877: The first catcher’s mask was used in a baseball game. #TodayInHistory
  15. "Let us ever remember that our interest is in concord, not in conflict; and that our real eminence rests in the victories of peace, not those of war." ~ William McKinley
  16. Today in History - 1898: President William McKinley asked Congress for declaration of war with Spain. #TodayInHistory
  17. "My friends joke that I raised the Titanic and never left the Rockies." ~ Clive Cussler
  18. Today in History - 1912: The Titanic began her maiden voyage, which ended in disaster. #TodayInHistory
  19. “I suppose there is nothing for me to do but go and see General Grant. And I would rather die a thousand deaths.” ~ General Robert E. Lee
  20. Today in History - 1865: General Robert E. Lee surrendered his rebel forces to Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Va. #TodayinHistory

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