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WYSIWYG, and it's almost always my fault.

Chicago native. Writer/artist living in the desert southwest since 1985. I do not suffer fools, gladly or any other way.

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  1. Pink Chalcedony from Arizona. 42.7 grams. And yes, I have an Etsy shop.
  2. Reluctantly, but firmly, blocking.

    I've decided to block a popular account here on Post after seeing three enticing headlines in a row . . . followed immediately by pleas for donations. I'm tired of "indictment imminent" teasers that read like facts but really are just speculations and/or opinions. Sorry, not so
  3. Pelé, adiós.

    Todo el mundo, desde el cochero hasta la más alegre señorita, no habla sino del brasileño Pelé, el argentino Di Stéfano y el húngaro Puskas . . . . Just a brief quote from an article in my third year
  4. When I'm not causing trouble online, I play with rocks.
  5. My other hobby

    On this warm and sunny 25 December, I went outside to play with some rocks. I had a batch of about 4 lbs (2.0 kilos) of miscellaneous rough agate and jasper slices and pieces that had been in the tum
  6. nods in punster approval.
  7. #Ukraine #LightUpUkraine #StandWithUkraine
  8. Important point! Please read.
  9. I have NO complaints about POST. So there.
  10. Seeing no posts from anyone I follow. Only posts from people I don't follow. Never more than one post from an acct. Is this normal?
  11. I'm here! I think.

    Okay, I'm here. I have no idea what to do, but I figured out Twitter so I figure I'll figure this out eventually, too. Is anyone here that I know?

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