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Women’s Rights are Human Rights

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  1. Kamala Harris was right when she warned in Jan 2022: "Do not succumb to those who would dismiss this assault on voting rights as an unfounded threat — who would wave this off as a partisan game." This is why my firm is suing Ohio now.
  2. A mysterious network called AdStyle is placing ads with fake endorsements from celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk on conservative sites based in the U.S. and abroad. #badvertising #Advertising #Scams #Oprah #ElonMusk #Endorsements #Celebrities #OriginalContent #News #Pro
  3. #FreedomFromGunViolence
  4. Why is DeJoy still leading the USPS?
  5. Republicans did even worse than we thought in 2022. "Democrats now govern more Americans at the state level than Republicans"

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