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  1. Holaaaaaaa
  2. @MarujaTarre hooooola pecsi colaaAaaa
  3. + "Hitler did not operate the gas chambers himself. But he was responsible. Bin Laden did not fly the planes himself. But he was responsible. Trump did not storm the Capitol himself. But he was responsible. Justice matters." --Andrea Junker
  4. I don't know who needs to see this today, but you're welcome.
  5. A few more buns. #art #sketch #pencil #kidlit #rabbits #postart
  6. You're never gonna believe this.
  7. By Anthony Boadle and Sergio Queiroz BRASILIA (Reuters) -Brazilian soldiers backed by police dismantled a camp of supporters of far-right former President Jair Bolsonaro in the capital on Monday, a day
  8. When you lie on your resume but still get the job.
  9. Dope scene📸
  10. special📸✨✨✨ Love night city!!! #postphotos #photography
  11. Everyone should watch “ Pelosi in the House ” on HBO. I agree this is a must see!!
  12. Whenever there's a list like this, Rand Paul is there. KY deserves better. America deserves better.
  13. This is HUGE!!! Thank you whoever co-authored the bill. Speaker Pelosi for getting it through the House. Majority Leader Schumer for getting it through the Senate. And President Biden for making it la
  14. this was, in fact, Gladys’s first rodeo. 😁
  15. George Santos at moon landing 1969

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