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aka "of the List" - Arts blogger and advocate, consultant for performers & small orgs, tech/digital geek. Spreader of words, hope and good thoughts.

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  1. Hear Now Music Festival -- 2024 Call for Scores

    If you are an L.A.-based composer, please consider submitting something to HN by August 1st. We've moved our submission period up this year for a variety of logistical reasons, and that means we need to hear from you right now! The "we" I'm using here is because I also work for H
  2. Yup, we're on Threads.
  3. LA Times weighs in on Apple Classical

    Had intended to offer up my own mini-review of Apple Classical now that it has finally dropped for Android, but can't possibly do it better than Mark Swed... and hats of to using "fulgent" to describe a flip phone. Good one, Mark!
  4. Finally pulled the trigger...
  5. Hivemind: Would you hire this singer?

    So here's a VERY informal poll for folks in the classical world: would you hire this person? This is an actual quote from a conversation awhile back, and either reveals much about the speaker or about the classical vocal world... probably both. So without any context, is this
  6. Gorgeous Sunday

    This is one of the year's biggest days for church music, and keeps musicians of all kinds of backgrounds hopping. Whatever you're doing, performing, or celebrating today, we wish you sweetness, light, and a little silly on top. Happy Easter!
  7. The Hours (no bonus nose required)

    A small, but unsurprising confession: The Hours by Michael Cunningham is one of my favorite books, without the powerhouse 2002 film adaptation. I'm watching Kevin Puts ' opera adaptation for The Met , which premiered last year, on PBS tonight, and it's just beautiful. (And no, J
  8. Grab your business cards (or whatever). Here's some homework:

    If you're sitting at home on the weekend, wondering why you don't have a gig, you're missing the boat. Go hear somebody else's performance. Meet some people. Get inspired. Do something to keep moving forward. #showingup #networking #inspiration #dontgetstuck
  9. What are YOU doing over Presidents' Day weekend?

    Next7, our weekly newsletter, serves up vocal-related things to do all over Southern California, and this week is very intriguing... holiday weekend aside. Look for a world premiere from Long Beach Opera , some very romantic choral music from Artes Vocales (in two locations), a st
  10. There is no excuse for this.
  11. An ally is someone who is not only taking clear action to right injustice, but has committed to ongoing openness and adjustment in their own thinking. An ally should also be cautious in self-labeling.
  12. Just me

    Hello, Posters! Just introducing myself in the new space. I'm all about classical music, marketing and making the world a little better. How 'bout you?

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