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  1. House Leader Kevin McCarthy is back with debt-ceiling theatrics, attempting to negotiate by suggesting extreme budget cuts, including help for the millions of Americans facing food insecurity. All while he ignores the fact that the debt ceiling was raised 3 times under Trump and
  2. “The crimes both of self-proclaimed do-gooders and avowed traitors are not that different from those [Jack] Teixeira is alleged to have committed,” Tom Nichols writes. “They are the product of a protracted epidemic of narcissism, and if the U.S. national-security community does n
  3. Verification has never felt better
  4. Elon Musk has now made it impossible to promote my work by disabling the ability to retweet or comment on any tweet linked to SHERO Substack articles. Fact based reliable independent journalism is dead on Twitter. Please help by supporting my work here:
  5. journalists of post: is this platform worth my time?
  6. hey everyone! how are we liking this platform so far?

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