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  1. Bat… shit… crazy…
  2. By Juliette Jabkhiro, Layli Foroudi and Elizabeth Pineau PARIS (Reuters) - The killing of a teenager by a police officer has revived long-standing questions about the state of the French police and the inability of consecutive governments to reform an institution bound by powerful
  3. Good morning and welcome to @Post ! Overnight I crossed 92,000 followers. Thank you all.🙏
  4. Now that Elon has broken Twitter and the rest of the info ecosystem has degraded into nonsense, it is hard to follow fast-moving news events. Here’s what you need to know abt the Trump indictment to know what's happening and rebut your MAGA uncle.
  5. Remember the disbelief that you felt at the audacity of this very obvious (and desperate) lie? Yeah. We were so innocent.
  6. Cool. Now do helicopters.
  7. This. (And I couldn't love Peter Coyote's voice more.)
  8. FACT: 25% of all of the United States' national debt in its entire history was added during Donald Trump's 4 years in the White House. MOST of the Trump debt was was added BEFORE COVID-19 hit. FACT: Co
  9. When asked, Spindell shared that he handed out this memo at his own Christmas party. In his circle, apparently nothing says “Merry Christmas” like disenfranchising 37,000 voters.
  10. 🚨🚨🚨🚨 A NYC area animal center is closing at the end of the month—and will euthanize animals not adopted. Maybe your future pet is there?
  11. Thirteen years ago the Supreme Court decided corporations are people under the First Amendment. Today, sold-out politicians block progress on all fronts to appease their corporate donors. Citizens Uni
  12. There is no labor shortage. There is a living wage shortage, a hazard pay shortage, a child care shortage, a paid sick leave shortage, and a health care shortage. Does a new year mean we can settle th
  13. The shadow docket struck again, this time on Title 42. This latest ruling is part of a larger pattern by SCOTUS, and it carries significant implications for our policies around migrants and the role o
  14. "Voting rights advocates will continue to litigate their cases challenging new and old voter suppression laws in 2023. And, the fight for fair maps will heat back up in state and federal courts in num
  15. Not only does she consider it impossible to lose an election, but apparently, she thinks losing a court case is impossible as well. NEVER give power to someone who believes that he or she cannot lose.
  16. Not long after I launched in 2021, I published this about Greg Abbott discouraging mask-wearing among the unvaxxed — about his “sociopathic gambit devoid of empathy for the life-a
  17. If you are not following what is happening in court, you are not following what is happening to democracy.
  18. I'm here! And thank you for all of the amazingly kind words.

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