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  1. So Arizona applies an 1864 law to strip women’s rights and privilege rapists over women — and that’s apparently ok But Colorado applied an 1866 constitutional amendment to remove an insurrectionist from the ballot — and that was apparently NOT ok? Got it.
  2. YES!! Exactly! This is the biggest ad campaign we need to run this election cycle in every district, with enormous funding. Make the Republicans eat Trump and suffer the consequences #LatTrumpBeTrump
  3. From the newsletter today: - Been a good week for Dems - encouraging polling, smokin’ jobs report, huge cash haul/clear organizational advantage - I talk to the NYT and MSNBC about why I am so optimistic about winning this November - Let's do more, worry less This, and more, below:
  4. Am vomiting profusely How is it possible I am AGREEING WITH KARL ROVE? Hey, what is that? I never ate that?
  5. Let me comment on George Conway This is literally putting your money where your mouth is. He - a big name Republican - paid max allowed, over $900,000 to help Biden win Thank you George But the REAL patriotic work you did, was past six YEARS of relentless work against Trump incl Pro
  6. Many mention Seth's solid analysis that Russia may be behind the bond. Let me comment that from E Jean Carroll point of view, does not matter who Trump scammed to get $91.5M bond. If Chubb bond is legit, she gets the money in a year but FBI (!!!) will be interested in any Russia m
  7. TomiAhonen Almanac: Mercedes Boy, Donald Elvis Jesus Trump, the nation's Captain Shoe, is having his ANNUS HORRIBILUS* JANUARY 2024 was worst month in Trump's life FEBRUARY 2024 was worse MARCH 2024 will be even worse still * as distinct from his Anus Horribilus** ** source of that nast
  8. By Dan Rather I write this not to advocate for people immigrating to the United States or to campaign against them. This is a story about a desperate journey that tens of thousands are making, in spite of the cost or consequences. Because they feel they must. It is not about one p
  9. 🔥🔥🔥
  10. I loved it. highly recommend a listen
  11. 31 lawyers have quit trumpy! sounds like a new flavor ice cream is in order
  12. If there was going to be a Missouri lawyer flying in, I am very disappointed it’s not Mark McCloskey. Just sayin
  13. No but there was another school shooting and some child died so as to distract from whatever is coming , more Epstein?
  14. Where do I take a course on how to use Post exactly how we use Twitter? I’ve read the rules. They are great but where are the instructions?

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