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We ALL breathe&bleed the same! One Race. The Human Race! Proud Madrina/Aunt/Tia of a Drexel Dragon 2020 grad EnviroSustanability🌎Slave2Gigi🐾

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  2. Oh, puhh-leeeeze.
  3. NEW— Trump is now threatening members of Congress to interfere with the DOJ's multiple cases against him. Either vote to "defund" Jack Smith — or else.
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  5. So True!
  6. Michigan AG Dana Nessel Charges 16 ‘False Electors’ with Election Law
  7. Throttling left wing voices
  8. Remember, the Constitution does NOT stipulate the number of Supreme Court justices — that’s set by Congress. It’s been legally changed seven times over the years, with the size of the court varying from six to ten seats. Since there are currently 13 federal appellate courts, many
  9. Do me a favor and let people know I’m giving this site a try. I suppose you can “Repost” this? Is that the right term?
  10. The real reason the media is trying to deflect blame to the Democratic Party in the George Santos debacle
  11. Our foundation Orange Ribbons for Jaime started a new initiative called PAWS OF LOVE providing dogs for emotional support to families affected by gun violence. With that, meet Goldie who is the first
  12. In preparation for Elon Musk's report on the Hunter Biden laptop and Twitter, please read my original piece on the laptop. The big issue was that the NY Post and Rudy Giuliani were using the existence

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