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Artist, actor, photographer, proud decent human being! Believer in magic. Previously Zen, now a cynic.

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  1. And they got the House because not one person of influence has faced accountability for any crimes relates to the past administration. Seth paints a very dark future for the USA.
  2. A Republican Congressman-elect who is about to be sworn in tomorrow is currently being sought after by a foreign government for committing criminal fraudโ€” while also under US federal investigation. Thi
  3. Interesting read... other corporations should pay attention
  4. Is Twitter agonizing now? Are these its last breaths?
  5. George Santos is now under federal investigation, per CNN. In case you were wondering how the incoming Republican House majority is shaping up.
  6. Funny how "Twitter down" does not report any incidents today. I cannot even get the main screen to log in on my desktop. Still works on my phone, though.
  7. Shoot..... I had 10K followers in the Bird app, how do make friends here?
  8. Did the Bird place die?
  9. Just a thought on the George Santos thing: for those few Republicans who've come out against Santos, theyโ€™re not angry that heโ€™s a liar, theyโ€™re angry that he got caught. His presence just reaffirms t
  10. Worth watching...
  11. Accurate
  12. Good morning, Mount Reinier...
  13. Yes!
  14. Finally made it!! Yay!!

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