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Linda Janse


🇨🇦 Mural Artist

Vancouver Island, BC

Slayer of dragons! Have you seen any dragons lately? Point made. Born in Montreal and have lived in Toronto, Calgary and now Victoria. Former Neuroscience Rehab RN. I stand with Ukraine! 💛💙

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  1. “This touched me and thought I'd share it with you. These were the words of the person posting this. I share in the sentiment so I wanted to share here as well. IT BROKE MY HEART. Ellie CG This stunning photograph was taken in 1947 between Norway and the North Pole by the famous p
  2. I wrote a thing: "what kind of fucked-up monster puts razor-wire booby traps in a river," about Greg Abbot's latest episode of cruelty for cruelty's sake. thanks for reading, and do sign onto my mailing list to make sure you never miss a post —
  3. #ThanksOilAndGas
  4. #Ukraine Minister urges Ukrainians living near #Russia -occupied #Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant to evacuate, citing growing threat of Russian sabotage of facility #UkraineWar
  5. Your friendly history lesson this July 4th. On Dec 20, 1777, the Kingdom of Morocco became the world's first country to recognize American independence. Sultan Mohammed III ordered Moroccan ports to open to American ships, and a partnership was thus established. Some ignorantly c
  6. Now that we have your attention did you know there is a Garden Club on Post? Everyone welcome to join us! Post a flower pic, ask a question, show us your garden plans! Anything farm 2 garden, tools 2 technics, gate 2 plate! Just add #GardensOfPost to your post and the club will
  7. Her Own Secret Garden via Victoria Magazine "An aromatic bouquet of rosemary, sage, tarragon, and dozens of other piquant plants mingles with the salt-tinged breeze blowing up from the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia’s fertile Annapolis Valley." #TangledGarden #GardensOfPost
  8. 😎
  9. Girl in a Red Kimono , 1896, by Dutch painter and photographer George Hendrik Breitner (1857 – 1923), who was an important figure in Amsterdam Impressionism. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  10. Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine. Daily report by the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom. #Ukraine #UADU #UKDI
  11. 🇧🇷 Brazil is investigating how Russia is getting away using the country as a cover for its spies who hold Brazilian passports. The investigation was launched against the background of the active use of Brazilian passports by Russian spies. Three such cases have been reported rec
  12. Yup.
  13. I’ve heard it said: “When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead and the pain is felt by others. Same thing when you’re stupid.”
  14. Russian hockey player who competed in the country's top league arrested for espionage in Poland. You're dreaming if you don't think the Kremlin uses athletes as spies in every sport in every country, including the United States.
  15. Oops!
  16. Heavy fighting in all sectors of the frontline - Hanna Malyar, Deputy Minister of Defense 🔺The enemy is attacking in several directions - Avdiivka, Maryinka, Lyman, Svatove; 🔺Ukrainian Armed Forces are moving forward on the southern flank of the Bakhmut direction, fighting contin
  17. Know that we'll still have each other You can stand under my umbrella #Vancouver #home #Yaletown #Grateful #PostPics
  18. 👀 👀
  19. Welcome to the good ol’ days…

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