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Kyle Lambert


🎬 Illustrator / Movie Poster Artist 🎨

Los Angeles

🔥 Official Artist of ‘Stranger Things’ 🎞 Clients: Apple • Amazon • Disney • Marvel • Netflix • Universal Studios

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  1. Best of 2022

    I would say the Vol 2 poster is my favorite art piece from the year. I had a really tight deadline to get the illustration completed, but enjoyed the opportunity to create something a little different
  2. As 2022 comes to a close 🕰 #Art
  3. 🎨 My #Art for Stranger Things seasons 1-4 #Illustration #Artist
  4. Stranger Things (2016)

    This was the poster that changed everything for me. It was the first time I used an iPad Pro to draw and a new style with a more illustrated look. I still use many of the techniques I developed on thi
  5. 🎥 ‘Super 8’ was the first official movie poster I illustrated back in 2011
  6. 🎈Christopher Robin illustration I did for Variety magazine a few years ago.
  7. Jurassic Park - Poster Idea 💡Drawing ✏️ Final color 🎨 *Tap to see full poster * #Art #Artist #Illustration
  8. 🎸 Here’s a close-up of the album cover I illustrated for Muse. Simulation Theory #Art #Artist #Illustration
  9. 🦁🐒🦇🐊🌺 Here’s the Jumanji 4K artwork I created a few years ago.
  10. ✏️ Drawing stage of my ‘Dawn of the Seven’ art that was featured on screen in season 3 of ‘The Boys’ #Art #Artwork #Illustration
  11. A Stranger Things piece I illustrated for Universal Studios Halloween celebrations #Art #Artwork #Illustration
  12. I use the Procreate app for iPad on all of my illustrations for the initial drawing and for adding details at the end. The rest is done in Photoshop. #Art #Artist #Illustration
  13. 🧪 This is my favorite comic cover I’ve illustrated in the Stranger Things series. #Art #Artist #Comic #Illustration
  14. My illustration of Arnold for the Total Recall 4K release #Art #Artist #Illustration
  15. My Stranger Things art from the past 6 years #Artist #Art #Illustration #Portfolio 🎨✏️
  16. My volume 2 poster illustration from earlier this year 🎨
  17. Drawing stage of my ‘Payback’ poster commissioned for Amazon’s hit show The Boys 🦸🏻‍♂️
  18. 💡 From idea to finished artwork 🎨
  19. Signing comics with Matthew Modine

    “This is a beautiful sketch Sir Kyle! What a pleasure to spend the evening signing hundreds (and hundreds) of comics with your amazing artworks.”
  20. 🥀 My illustrated Beauty and the Beast poster from a few years ago 🕯🫖✨

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